# Student Health and Wellbeing


Dear Glen Iris School Community,


As our staff are undergoing training to update our knowledge of severe allergies, anaphylaxis and the use of auto-injector devices, we thought it would be a perfect time to reinforce our school’s policy on food.


GIPS is a nut-aware school. This means that we endeavour to keep all nuts and nut products (ie. peanut butter, Nutella) free from all our snacks and lunches. Also, due to a variety of severe allergies and anaphylaxis cases in our school, which can be and are life-threatening, to a wide variety of foods, we do not allow the children to share their food at any time.


We also ask that all parents review the medical information recorded on each of their child’s Compass profile. Some information is out-of-date and we encourage you to email the school office immediately to update this information as soon as possible.


GIPS email: glen.iris.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au


NOTE: Please do not attempt to update your child’s information on COMPASS. The GlPS office staff will do this on our CASES system, which will then automatically update the COMPASS information.