Student General Permissions

Dear Parents,


Annually, or as needed, we ask you to give your consent for various general school activities: Local Walking Excursions, Student Photo Display, and viewing of PG rated media.


Although we have requested permissions previously this year, the data was unsatisfactory. Therefore, we have improved the process and ask that all parents complete the permissions process again as soon as possible.



We love to be able to show you photographs of our school in action. We get great photos of our students at sports events, parades, teapot morning teas, and so on.

However, we cannot show these photographs without your permission.


There are four ways that we might display your child’s photograph:

Year Level Newsletter

  • This goes out once per term to your child’s year level.


School Newsletter

  • This goes out fortnightly to Glen Iris Primary School parents by email, and may  be accessed through the website.


Foyer Display

  • This screen is only visible to people in the foyer 



  • This is a password-protected website where photos of school events can be accessed. The password is only distributed to Glen Iris Primary School families by email. The password is not available on the website.


You are asked to give permission for each of these publications.  You can say yes or no to each one, and you can change your choice at any time by repeating the process outlined below. We will contact parents directly if we seek permission for other media, such as advertising boards or pamphlets.



Glen Iris Primary School is well situated, enabling our students to visit a wide area of our community, without the necessity for a bus or other transport.  Within easy walking distance, we have Glen Iris Sanctuary, parks, sporting venues, shops and places of interest.  As we wish to involve the students in enriching experiences while at school, teachers would like to utilise these facilities.


Where possible we try to give advance notice that the children are leaving school on a short walking excursion, however on some occasions an opportunity may arise when the time is too short. 


Please Note: A separate event notice  will be issued for consent with regard to all excursions, swimming, sports activities and camps that require students to cross a main road or to travel in vehicles.



Viewing and interpreting visual texts and media is a core element of the Australian Curriculum English Program. This may include video, DVDs, web based films and documentaries. Teachers screen visual texts and media for students to support and enhance the classroom program.  Videos/DVDs which are ‘G’ rated may be shown without parent consent, however, ‘PG’ rated videos/DVDs require written authority from parents for students to view them. Any such film would be carefully chosen by the teacher and the staff would preview the film before presenting it to the students. Parents will also be notified regarding the learning intention of the film.

Consent to your child viewing videos in this category will assist with classroom programs and planning across the school. Movies are only included in classroom programs for entertainment purposes on camps, sleepovers or a rare special event.



How to Access the Permissions

To access Media Permissions, log into Compass on a browser (ie not the app), and click on “Profile” next to your child’s photograph on your Compass home screen.

Click on the “Insights” tab at the top, then choose “2018 Student General Permissions:”

Select “Yes” or “No” for each question.

You will have to do this separately for each of your children.


An alert will sit on your News Feed when the Insight first opens to parents, and you can click on this to go to the Permissions. If this has disappeared or you would like to change your choices, go to “Insights” as outlined above.


We thank you for your attention to this important process.


GIPS Office.