Photo Galleries on Zenfolio

GIPS uses the website to share photographs of school events with school parents.


You can access the school galleries here, or type this into your browser:


The login details will be sent directly to current GIPS families by email. Do not share these login details with anyone. If you have lost the login details, please call the office on 9885 3624.


We have taken pains to remove the images of children who do not have permission for Zenfolio. However, if a photo of your child has been displayed without permission, please contact us on 03 9885 3624 and we will promptly remove it for you.


Permission to display your child's photograph on Zenfolio was given as part of the General Permissions process through Compass Insights. If you would like to add or remove permission, please contact the office on

Thanks to Gray Tham for all her time in taking and organising these photos.