# From the Principal's Office

Dear Parents,


The end of our school year is fast approaching and it is particularly busy around school with reports, special events, graduation preparations, planning for 2019, swimming programs… and the list goes on.


After a very competitive tendering process, we are pleased to announce that Team Kids has been selected to be our Before & After School Care provider for the next two years. I would like to acknowledge the work of our OSHC sub-committee: James Kelly, Flip Connell, Brooke Langdon, Rachael Yates and Gina Hasapis.

Please follow this link for more information about Team Kids.

Prior to their commencement Team Kids are inviting parents to provide some information to better understand some program specifics that they would like to see at the service. By receiving this feedback Team Kids would like to ensure the first few weeks’ programs are as reflective as possible of the interests and needs specific to Glen Iris.



Congratulations to Amy Lauritz who is expecting her first child and will be taking family leave at the end of Term 1.

Kate Van Der Jagt, our Year 1 and Performing Arts teacher, has taken up a full-time position at Doncaster Gardens, which is closer to her home.

Mr Danniel Smith, our Performing Arts teacher this year, will be leaving to pursue his passion of running his own music tuition company.

Nicky McLean and Meg Whitford, teacher aides, will also not be returning in 2019. Nicky is moving to Wheelers Hill PS and Meg has completed her teacher training this year and will take up her first teaching position at Scoresby PS.

We are close to finalising a couple of staffing positions for next year but I can confirm that returning in 2019 will be Lucy Gargano and Michele Freeland-Small who have both been on leave in 2018.




I have again received complaints from parents and neighbours about issues around drop-offs and pick-ups. The bays at the front of the school on Glen Iris Rd are for the dropping off and picking up of students during these busy times. No cars should be parked or left unattended. It is for the safety of all our students that areas around the school have enforceable Council signs.

Please also be cognisant of our neighbours and not park over driveways. This has occurred recently in Wahroonga Crt.


As part of our transition program, this week the students have visited a teacher from the year level above. Next week all returning students from Years Prep to 5 will be introduced to their classroom teacher for 2019. Students will spend a session with their new teacher and bring home a note telling you the name of their 2019 teacher.


On Tuesday 18 December at 4.00pm the Semester 2 reports will be available on Compass. A letter with information about the reports as well as a student self-reflection will be sent home.


Four new Promethean Panels have recently been installed in classrooms. Two interactive panels in the Year 1 classrooms and two in Year 2. The Promethean Panels replace the existing Interactive White Boards that are seven years old.

These purchases have been made possible through our ICT budget and the fund raising efforts of the PA this year.


Our school was audited on Wednesday 21 November for OH&S compliancy and we have received a very positive report. As with any audit, there were a few areas that we will need to “action” in 2019.

I would like to acknowledge the work of Shelley Morrison who has attended a 5-day OH&S course this year and spent many hours, seeking advice from the Region, liaising with teachers and visitors to ensure that our activities and processes are OH&S compliant.


I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of the School Council for 2018. The Council has made a valuable contribution in overseeing the school’s policies, communications, finances and the upkeep of the building and grounds to ensure the future development and prosperity of GIPS.

In February, I will be seeking nominations for interested parents to join our School Council for 2019. No special background is required other than a desire to contribute to the GIPS community and the continuous improvement of our school. The time commitment is not onerous with one monthly full Council meeting on the third Wednesday of the month and one informal subcommittee meeting scheduled to suit the committee members. Please consider nominating for one of the several vacancies that will exist due to families finishing at the school or terms of office concluding. Official calls for nominations will appear in the first newsletter for 2019.

If you would like further information on the role you are welcome to contact myself or Alex Goldhagen, School Council President.


School Council has ratified the following dates for Curriculum days for 2019:

  1. Tuesday 29 January (mandated)
  2. Friday 15 February (shared with Solway PS)
  3. Friday 7 June (Queen’s Birthday - Monday 10 June)
  4. Monday 4 November (Melbourne Cup - Tuesday 5 November)


Next Monday evening 54 Year 6 students will take part in a Graduation Ceremony to be held at Sacré Cœur, Glen Iris. The evening should be a highlight for the students and they should feel very proud of their achievements over the past seven years at GIPS.

At a special assembly last week, three Year 6 students were recognised for the positive contribution they had made during their time at GIPS. Congratulations to Zoe Freemantle, who was the recipient of the Higgins Award and to Lachlan Hodgson and Sophie Pont who were both presented with Citizenship Awards.


As with last year, we are encouraging students not to give out candy canes (or any other food) with Christmas cards. The reason for this request is that we are trying to discourage the eating of the candy canes before school or running around during recess and lunch times with candy canes in their mouths.


On Tuesday 19 December, the students will all celebrate the end of the school year with class parties. Information about each of the Year Level arrangements will be sent out via Compass. The Year 6 students are looking forward to their class party at The Cuckoo Restaurant, Olinda.


Our Scholastic Book Fair, which ran over the 28th and 29th November, was a great success.  Thank you to everyone who visited the fair and bought some books and other goodies.  A huge thank you to our wonderful parents who helped with sales over the two days. Sales exceeded $5,000, of which the school benefits $1,589 towards new resources for our library.

A special thanks to the organisation of Krista Morris and the support by our office staff.


It would be a great assistance to the School Council, staff and students if all parents could keep a watch out for vandalism or unusual “happenings” in the school grounds over the holidays. If you notice any unusual happenings, please call the police immediately.


We have accumulated a large amount of unclaimed school uniforms in lost property. Any clothing left over at the end of the year will be given to the second-hand uniform shop.


Our final assembly for 2018 will be on the last day of school, Friday 21 December. The assembly will start at 12.50pm where we will say good-bye to our Year 6 students and any other students leaving GIPS.

All students will be dismissed at 1.30pm.

The first day back for all students in 2019 is Wednesday 30 January

I hope you and your families have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable holiday period.

Garry Collins