# Robyn's Farewell Speech

(To School Council and Parent Community) Thank you Alex for very sincere and heartfelt thank you on behalf of the school community. I have enjoyed working with our dedicated school councillors and parents. I am very appreciative of the fine work the School Council does and I have been delighted to be part of the Council for the past 11 years. The 150th School Council sub-committee worked with ex-students and teachers to celebrate quality teaching and learning at Glen Iris over 150 years and with over 2000 students, parents and friends attending it was an amazing event – one of the highlights of my career.


(To student body) Hands up if you were born in 2008. Wow! That’s the year I came to Glen Iris – I have been here your whole life! Some of you I met as babies in prams and now you are so grown up!


I worked out last night that I have taught in 12 schools, both primary and secondary and for a little while in pre-school. I have taught every grade level and specialist subject in my 37 years with the Department of Education. I was the classroom teacher for about 2500 + students. As a School Leader I worked with 15,000 students.


At the end of last year I decided to be a university teacher and teach people who want to be teachers. I will miss you all as well as our hard working teachers and the strong parent community.


I want to share with you what a fabulous job being a teacher is. Being a teacher is really cool. Every day is an adventure. If you like reading you can read every day and share the books you love with children. If you like maths what could be more fun than looking through maths books and websites to find problems for your class to solve? Of course, you all know that our teachers write every day. I love writing. So if you like reading and maths and writing – what an awesome job teaching is! But teaching is much much more; there are camps and sleepovers (I have been on more than twenty-five camps), robots and codable mice to program and every day you work with friends who love teaching just as much as you do.


Thank -you for my suitcase. It is very bright and I will always find it on the airport luggage belt. Every time I go on a holiday I will think about you all, the great kids at GIPS. Thank you every-one for your personal message to me in ‘The Book’. You gave me lots of good tips: retirement advice, what I could tell ‘future’ teachers, what I will be doing in ten years time and even how to come back in a Tardis.  I have read every single one and I will treasure it with my memories of GIPS.