Your Donations at work and the GIPS 'Wish List'

The Parents’ Association is proud to contribute to the funding of many special school projects each year.  In recent years these have included:


-       a new kiln for the Art Room

-       multi-purpose uniform tops for team sports

-       improvements to playground equipment

-       additional and updated library books

-       ICT supplies, including new iPads

-       air conditioning for senior grade classrooms

-       library furniture

-       interactive whiteboards for all classrooms


Wish List 

The PA, in conjunction with the School Council and the teaching staff, maintain an ongoing “Wish List” of items and improvements needed for the school.  

The currently approved Wish List includes:

  • Development of 'Infill' Learning Spaces
  • Pavilion roof repair and painting
  • New Grade 1 and 2 Playground Equipment


All members of the GIPS community are welcome to suggest improvements to our school. Click here to complete the 'Wish List Proposal form' and return it to the school office. All submissions will be reviewed by School Council at the next full council meeting. Applicants are encouraged to attend these meetings and to participate in discussions regarding their proposal. Most council meeting are held at 7.30pm on the third Wednesday of each month).