Student Learning

Our highly motivated and professional staff members provide a sound education that fosters a love of learning and encouragement for individuals to excel.


Curriculum Enrichment Programs

In addition to the standard education, we promote:

- Interschool sport, a swimming program for all years and special sports clinics.
- Instrumental music lessons and twice yearly soirees, a school choir, rock band for students in Years 5 & 6.

- Bi-annual School Concert.  The next concert year is 2014.
- A sequential camping program years F-6, Foundation Breakfast, Year 1 Dinner-at-school and games night, Year 2 Sleepover and Years 3-6 School Camps Excursions, incursions (at the school) and visiting presenters.

- Enrichment programs each term that enable small groups of students to work with a teacher in a high interest area. These programs vary from 5-10 weeks for one session each week. Each term there is a focus for a particular grade level. In 2012 & 2013 these included: French Cafe (Year 4) Bucket Band (Year 2), Adventures in Threads (Years 2 and 4), Storytelling (Year 2), Be Dramatic! (Year 2).


To enhance individual strengths and needs, we offer:


- SALT: Student Action Leadership Teams (Grade 6s)
- CATs: Community Action Teams (Grade 5s)
- Student Representative Council (SRC) - Year 1 to 6
- Visiting speech therapist and school psychologist
- Whole school Values and Social Skills program
- GALAXY - cross-age program.
- Reading Recovery at Year 1
- Support programs Foundation-6
- Perceptual Motor Program for Foundation
- Buddy program (Year 5s & 6s and Foundation)
- On-site Before and After School Care
- LAUNCH program first week of Term1
- Transition Up - moving to the next grade in term 4.
- Inspiration Program - For highly able students in three local schools:  Ashburton, Solway and Glen Iris Primaries.