Robotics: 2015 Trash Trek


Eleven boys decided to enter the Lego Robotics Competition. They enjoyed playing around with robots for the first couple of weeks but had to stop to do the real competition. They all decided to do one section of the mat. They all created a robot but in the end they used every-one's ideas to make a fabulous looking robot.


It can push, pull and lift.


Hopefully the Glen Iris Robotics Team can win the competition with their wonderful robot.

The Robotics Team occasionally meet on weekends and in the morning BEFORE school hours.

The robotics team has done very well this year and are smashing it out of the park and we always say, "Aim High".


We aim to make a difference to the amount of trash we generate locally.


DOWNLOAD THE Boroondara waste app (free) and recyle everything. We need to prove we have made a difference so download the APP recycle more and help us reach our goal of 25% downloads in our community.